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Tina D. Stephens

I spent my teen years living in the Pine Creek Gorge area of Pennsylvania. It was there in the shadows of those mountains I started drafting a story that would become The Common Hours. Read More about me.

The Common Hours

In Williamsport, Pennsylvania, 1888, the lumber industry is turning ordinary citizens into millionaires. John and Mary Richardson and their daughter, Sarah, live a privileged life on millionaire row. It’s one week before Sarah’s fourteenth birthday when Mary is caught in an affair with the local minister. Change is happening and Sarah is powerless to stop it. Mary returns to a forgotten past where she hopes to find resolution. Sarah loses everything familiar to her when her father moves them to a small village in the north wilderness to escape the Williamsport gossip. It is a year that will change them in unexpected ways.

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I absolutely LOVED this book. It is one that you don’t want to stop reading once you start. Can’t wait for the sequel. I love historical novels. Having said that, this book would be a good read for those that don’t enjoy historical novels necessarily as well. Even though the story line took place in the 1800s, you could relate to the characters and to what they were going through. The author did an excellent job of presenting each character and the feelings that they had. You could definitely relate to one of the characters. No matter where you are at in your life or what you are going through, this book can be an encouragement to you in your everyday walk. I guarantee that once you start reading it, you will not desire to put it down.